Natural Holistic Bug Spray Insect Repellent

The Story...

When cast and crew were desperate for protection against the bloodthirsty insects deep in the swamps of Louisiana, and the growing concerns about the chemicals in conventional repellants, film medic Kris Butler came up with a naturalbug spray solution. Medic Murder Mix is a synergistic proprietary blend of seventeen pure essential oils. Not only does it keep the evil insects away, it also has aromatherapy benefits for clarity, peace and serenity that smell amazing. The base is enriched with vitamins A, E, Castor, Almond, and Apricot oils to help restore deep hydration on your skin and fine lines for your face without being greasy or sticky. Yes, it’s that good!

Natural Bug Spray Great in any environment around the world, on and off the map!

Naturally Repels Many biting and stinging insects for both humans and animals such as:




Sand Fleas








Fleas and ticks for both cats and dogs

Horse flies on ranch and livestock animals

Supports the body’s natural structural function to reduce redness, swelling and itching, resulting in a soothing effect for:

  • After-bites
  • Minor skin allergic reactions associated with bites and stings
  • Known to help for both Minor sunburns and burns
  • Helps Promote healthier skin for hot spots and mange for both dogs and cats

More than just a Natural bug repellent! It's Natural Bug Spray!

  • No chemicals, synthetics and is all-natural
  • Helps the body’s natural structural function to restore healthier skin for minor cuts and scrapes
  • Promotes the appearance of clear healthy skin for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Helps Restore hydration for your skin leaving it softer and more supple
  • Gives hair a vibrant healthy glow
  • Won’t interfere with makeup
  • Won’t disintegrate special effects make-up such as fake blood and tattoos
  • Spray it on sheets and clothes for aromatherapy
  • Helps Cover up weird funky smells, yes that too!
  • Gentle for all ages
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Medic Murder Mix natural bug spray has become an actor’s request among celebrities, and a necessity for makeup departments and crew on every film set! With this wide spread popularity, Medic Murder Mix has now found its way into retail stores across the United States, and even outside the country! Marketing to industries such as health and wellness, beauty, outdoor recreation, pets, and much more.

Hoo knew Medic Murder Mix would be such a wise choice?

Hoo knew Medic Murder Mix would be such a wise choice?
and yes, he is real!

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  • “We used Medic Murder Mix for an outdoor dance performance in a field of tall grass, both dancers and audience members were happy and bug-bite-free! Plus it smells good and you could wear it as perfume!”

    — Bear H., Artist, Yoga Instructor/New Orleans, LA.

  • “Being a professional Makeup Artist for feature films; many in various parts of Louisiana swampland, I was constantly battling mosquitos, chiggers, gnats and other various biting pests from actors as well as from myself. Nothing holistic and DEET free worked in our environment until Kris Butler, our Set Medic introduced me to Medic Murder Mix. Now it’s the only repellant I keep in the trailer, my set bag, and at home. Medic Murder Mix is truly amazing. It naturally hydrates skin, repels insects, and doesn’t affect the applied makeup nor prosthetics and it smells good. Medic Murder Mix is also the perfect repellant for sensitive skin and children. No more nasty bites!”

    — Remi S., Makeup Journeyman/Key West, FL.

  • “I was part of a test group using Medic Murder Mix hydrating holistic bug spray. Kris wanted to develop a bug spray without chemicals and that would be safe for adults and children to use. This product works and smells great. I have passed it on to many friends and they are happy with the product too. I have friends that use Medic Murder Mix on their dogs for hot spots, fleas and ticks. They swear by Medic Murder Mix. It also works great for after-bites too! If you want natural and effective, this is the product to use.”

    — Sunshine, Bainbridge Island, WA

  • “I love your wonderful product, Medic Murder Mix! I live on the Delta where there are many mosquitos and other flying critters. Medic Murder Mix has put an end to the bites and itchiness I experienced in the past. The scent is light and lovely and it totally leaves my skin hydrated! I leave a bottle in our guest bathroom and many people have sprayed it on themselves and love the scent and wonderfully soft skin results! I even spray it on our cat! You are to be commended for creating such a great product.”

    — Carol F., Stockton, CA

  • “I have used Medic Murder Mix as a staple bug spray in my travels and on location with film work. This is a multi use product…too many benefits to list!!! Try it out for yourself…a must have in the medicine cabinet or just for holistic purposes!! The ingredients are based on natural chemistry and the smell is delightful. I find it to be very pleasant to the skin compared to other harsh products on the market. A sure deterrent for pesty insects, thank you Kris for developing a product with so many uses!”

    — Vicki J., Senior Publicist, IATSE 600 Camera Guild/Austin, TX.

  • “Medic Murder Mix Natural Bug Spray is my go to for all things buggy. The actors love the way it smells and it works great whether you are in the swamps of Louisiana or just in your backyard. It was our number one bug-fighter on the Award Winning FX Network Series, American Horror Story.”

    — Eryn M., Department Head Makeup/Los Angeles, CA.

  • “Medic Murder Mix has made my life so much better! I work all across the United States on various film sets. The reason why this is important is because once I am on location, I am there sometimes sixteen plus hours and need the right product to protect me from the harsh elements I am exposed to on set. Most of the time the only thing available on set are the typical bug repellants loaded with harmful chemicals that still don’t work, until I found Medic Murder Mix. This is the only product that is safe, natural, smells great, and works in any environment! Now it’s the only product I use, I love this stuff!”

    — Debbi M., Picture Car Coordinator, Teamsters 399/Metairie, LA.

  • “Hello, my name is Randy Gonzalez, I am an actor in SE Louisiana, it’s true what they say about the heat and mosquitos, both can beat you up pretty badly. I’ve used several products to beat the heat and nothing compares to Medic Murder Mix, it takes care of the bites you have with natural oils and keeps away future bites. Try Medic Murder Mix, it kills the burn.”

    — Randy G., Actor/Animal Wrangler/New Orleans, LA

  • “I used Medic Murder Mix on a pretty bad sunburn a got over the weekend on my head and face. It stopped the pain, AND the next day my skin was hardly red and no peeling!”

    — Kevin B., Olympia, WA

  • “Medic Murder Mix stopped an allergic reaction from happening today after I got stung by a wasp on set. I have been stung by a wasp in the past, and the area that was stung had swollen up as my entire body began itching from the inside out. What stopped the process from increasing was an over the counter conventional antihistamine that made me feel sick, as well as extremely tired. I could not finish the day at work, but the second time I was stung a year later, I used Medic Murder Mix and it stopped the itching right away and the welt from the sting mark went down. No swelling or itching at all!”

    — Gina J., Production Assistant/Shreveport, LA

  • “I have tried Medic Murder Mix at night and in the am, my two worst times when I walk the dogs. Not a single bite! And the dogs don’t mind it either. I will be getting more of this!”

    — Bernadette W., Colorado

  • “My friends said your bug spray smells too good to be bug spray and that you need to make fragrances. We love it!”

    — Tanner E. , Broadcasting/Houston, TX

  • “Medic Murder Mix is THE best bug spray I have ever used! I lived in Fresno, CA. for a few years, and the mosquitos there will eat you alive. With my first bottle I tested it out on a swarm of mosquitos that attacked us one night. The entire swarm literally left the area we were in,,,and didn’t come back the rest of the time we were out there! It’s all-natural and smells so good I also spray it on my bed linens and furniture. Plus it leaves my skin moisturized! LOVE it!”

    — Andrea D., Owner of Happy Life Housekeeping/San Jose, CA

  • “Having just returned from a week in Tulum Mexico and staying in the jungle-side, I was really able to put Medic Murder Mix to the test with the mosquitos, and it was my savior! We slept in an open-air cabin on the beach and spent all day outdoors, and I had less than a handful of bites the whole trip. I have recently become obsessed with various body oils, so I was thrilled to discover a bug spray that not only works on bugs, but has wonderful, skin-glowing benefits that you get from essential oils. And this stuff smells amazing too! While in Mexico, I would pretty much shower in it, putting it on my face and hair, and it does wonders for hydrating everything. I even slept in it at night, something I would never do with a commercial bug spray. I can’t say enough great things about Medic Murder Mix!”

    — Charlotte J., Roth Law Firm, LLC./New Orleans, LA

  • “While working on a top rated television series shooting in the Atlanta area for the past six years, our cast and crew are constantly being subjected to the creepy crawlies of Georgia when we shoot outside in wooded areas. Our *GO TO* solution is Medic Murder Mix. We have many cast members who won’t use any other type of repellant on their skin-we cannot keep enough of it in stock! The mix works so well, that I always take a bottle with me to Central America to ward off mosquitos and sand fleas. Medic Murder Mix works wonders on those trips…so much that friends who live there are continually asking me to send them refills!”

    — Amy C., Production Coordinator/Decatur, GA